Reducing Traffic Congestion


Every day, it is getting more and more difficult to simply get around. We continue to pay a small fortune in taxes for transportation but somehow it continues to result in more congestion.

The new toll lanes and two HOV 3+ lanes don’t work. It just creates a bottleneck. We already paid for an extra general purpose lane with a gas tax. These failed ideas and rollout was executed so poorly that the State Senate had to fire the Secretary of Transportation.

More toll lanes and more taxes as proposed by Seattle politicians and people in Olympia will only lead to more gridlock.  

When I go door-to-door, reducing traffic congestion keeps emerging as a top issue.

As your state senator, I’ll prioritize congestion relief projects for our district:

  • expand our existing bus system more efficient and more readily available
  • change lane designations on I-405 so those that need to drive can — with carpool, vanpool, or rapid transit also having a dedicated lane.

People in the Eastside needs more options, not Seattle-driven policies that force us to try to live on the Eastside without cars. Because that is just not reality.   

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