Protecting Washington from
a State Income Tax


Nine times, Washingtonians have said NO to a state income tax. Usually by a 2 to 1 margin. Nine times!

Since day one of our campaign, I have been the only candidate opposed to a state income tax.

We have made very clear, by majority vote, that legislators need to work with the new revenue they have and within the tax structure we have voted for time and time again.

The Seattle City Council recently voted 9-0 in favor of imposing a city income tax -- knowing full well it will go to the courts. The end game is to win in court and open a pathway to a statewide income tax.

What is it about the word NO that Seattle politicians and lawmakers in Olympia don’t understand?

NO means NO and if either of the opponents are elected, Washington will have an income tax. And that is a future we simply cannot afford. Enough is enough. I hope you will elect me to be the deciding vote against a state income tax and ensuring our state government lives within its means.

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