Promises made were not met

Do you have the same reaction I do when I hear about the ongoing mess of the 405 tolls?

Tomorrow, September 27, 2017, marks the two years since the I-405 toll lanes went into effect. Why is that important? Because they have to meet two benchmarks: revenue and speed. If they don’t, they have to be terminated. The revenue has met its mark but guess what hasn’t? The 45-mile-per-hour for 90 percent of the time benchmark. Now our transportation officials are saying the law is not clear in its language.

Promises made were not met. Should we be surprised? Our opponent and her friends are scrambling to look for ways to keep the toll lanes, even though they have failed us.

Instead they want to keep taking our money without a thought about the time they are taking away from us. Time we could be spending with our families, loved ones and doing other things instead of sitting in traffic.

We cannot afford, monetarily or personally, for our opponent and her friends to have their way. Join with us today. 

Justin Hollis