We are in this together

One of my top priorities, transportation, has been a hot topic in the news lately. You’ve probably heard about the $100,000 per stall for Sound Transit’s park-and-ride garage in Kent. Yes, you heard that right. $100,000. The project has gone from $35 million to almost double now at $65 million.

When agencies like Sound Transit make a promise to voters, they should keep their word. And I intend to make sure they do and protect you from tax increases or out-of-control fee hikes, like our car tabs that skyrocketed this year, for Sound Transit. 

As if that is not enough, now it seems an internal Washington State Department of Transportation email has gone public with the Transportation Commission’s plan to turn every road in Washington state into a toll road.

My opponent and her friends think that this is okay, and that somehow our hard-earned dollars are the answer to solve every problem.

But you and I know, that is not okay and we’ve had enough. If you want more transparency for government agencies and less of your money out the door, then join with us today. Because we’re in this together.    

Justin Hollis