What's going on behind the scenes?

Last week The Seattle Times Editorial Board called on state lawmakers to “bring more transparency and accountability to the powerful forces raising billions for transit projects in the Seattle area.” Brier Dudley, an opinion columnist for the paper, also reported on shortcomings in disclosure rules. I couldn’t agree more with both columns.

While we have seen enormous increases in transit spending, the results promised have fallen short. And behind the scenes the Transportation Choices Coalition (TCC) has been funded with public dollars at the tune of more than $1 million in the last 10 years. Governor Inslee appointed a TCC policy director to the state Transportation Commission that develops our transportation policy. 

These are the friends of my opponent. 

I will fight for more transparency and accountability when I get to Olympia, because it’s not only our hard-earned money at stake, it’s our time spent in mind-numbing traffic — all because my opponent and her friends are working to make driving more costly and inefficient.

We simply cannot afford to let them continue. Let your voice be heard. Join with me today.

Lisa Schreiner