In remembrance


One year ago today, we lost a great man. At 54 years of age, despite a life well lived, it was cut much too short. Senator Andy Hill was a widely respected man. All who came into contact with him, even those who may not have agreed with him, could not counter the simple fact that Andy was a tireless servant to his family, his community, and the people of this state.

His pragmatism and collaborative leadership style led him to become the chair of the Senate Ways & Means Committee, where he put together a budget that passed with bipartisan support and included historic increases in education spending. 

Andy was and continues to be a role model for many across the state - he exemplifies what it is to be an exceptional husband, father, friend and public servant. One year later, it is more evident than ever how sorely he is missed. The legacy he leaves behind is one that many hope to leave and we are so thankful as a community for the better place he made our state.

Let's honor Andy today by taking a moment today to hug a loved one and spend time with the ones close to you. Life is short, but it can certainly be full. We know because Andy helped show us.

Jinyoung Englund