I-27 ruling and my plans

Today a King County judge declared Initiative 27 to be invalid and cannot be on the ballot, denying voters their right to vote. Judge Veronica Alicia-Galvan ruled that the initiative “extends beyond the scope of local initiative power.”

It is disappointing that such a serious issue will not be going to a vote of the people. I am committed to protecting and preserving the values of the Eastside. That’s why when I am elected on November 7th, one of the first pieces of legislation I will work on is sponsoring a bill that places a statewide ban on heroin injection sites.

I believe that compassionate solutions are necessary in dealing with the current opioid crisis, but these proposed heroin injection sites are not the answer. Unfortunately my opponent does not agree with the growing list of Eastside cities that have already banned these sites.

We must protect our community from the extreme policies coming from my opponent’s friends in Seattle.

Jinyoung Englund